WAND Express Digital Menu Solution

The WAND Express Digital Menu Solution puts you in control of your menu, and gives you a simple way to create and edit professional digital menu boards for your restaurant. 

Easily create your menu items with prices, descriptions, calories and sizes

Design your menu with a wide variety of styles and layouts to choose from

Publish your menu online and have changes appear within minutes

Have the flexibility to change menu content as often as you need

A Best-in-Class Solution for Growing Restaurants

What is included:

    • Full Access to the WAND Menu Management online software
    • A WAND Menu Player that can be connected to any TV with an HDMI connection


Our best-in-class software solution puts you in full control to create and manage professional digital menus.

Create Professional and Modern Menus

Create customized digital menus using a variety of styles and layouts and add a modern look to your restaurant.

Save Money and Grow Sales

Digital menus drive more engagement and produce higher sales than static menus, plus you will save on reprinting expensive static menus each time you change menu items or prices.

Make Instant Updates and Changes

You have full control of your menu to change prices, add or remove items and even display different menus at different times of the day. You can do this from any device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Enter Your Items
Simply add your menu items, descriptions, prices, sizes and calories and connect them to menu groups.
Design Your Menu
Choose from a variety of styles and layouts, add in photos and your menu items to create the perfect menu board.
Push It Live
Once you are happy with your menu design, simply select which screen you would like it to appear on and push it live.


Connecting your menus to TVs in your restaurant is fast, simple and affordable.

Use Any TV with an HDMI Connection

You will receive one WAND Menu Player for each menu screen you have. These devices connect easily to any TVs with HDMI connections. 

Easy Set-up

Set-up is simple. Each device comes pre-loaded with the WAND Menu Management software and all you need to do is connect it to wi-fi using a wireless keyboard and mouse. 

Manage Your Screens Online

The WAND Menu Management software allows you to access each device and select what content should play on that screen. You can also check if your device is connected to the internet. 

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Need a More Advanced Solution?

WAND is a leading provider of digital menus and serves some of the world’s largest restaurant brands. Our enterprise solution offers state-of-the-art tools and capabilities to help large restaurant brands grow and effectively scale. 

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