Using WAND Menu Management

How-To: Setting up and publishing your digital menus using WAND Menu Management software

Getting Started:

Once you have received your WAND Menu Management login via email, you will be able to log into the platform and access the homepage. It is here you will start the quick and simple 3-step process to launch your digital menu! During any time along the way, you can return to this page by clicking the home icon on the top left of your screen.

Step 1a:

Select “Manage Menu Items” from the home page to bring you to this screen.

Step 1b:

Click “Add Menu Item” button on the top right of your screen and fill out item details. You will repeat this process for each menu item.

Step 1c:

Click “Add Menu Group” towards the top left of your screen once you have entered all of your menu items.

Step 1d:

Enter the names of your menu groups. These will be the headings of your menu sections. You may also add descriptions to appear below the group name. 

Step 1e:

Assign each menu item to it’s correct menu group by selecting “Assign Menu Items” and checking each box next to the menu item. Click “Save” once complete.

Step 1 Complete

Step 1 complete! Your menu items and groups are now ready to go. Now, return to the WAND Express home page for step 2: “Build Menus”

Step 2a:

The “Build Menus” section allows you to customize the overall look and feel of your menu boards. Simply click on the grey box to select your desired style and layout, then click “Create.”

Step 2b:

You will then be brought to this screen. It is here that you will add which menu groups and photos you would like to be featured on your screen.

Step 2c:

For menu groups, select each box you wish to add, and click “Assign.” *Note: you can change the order in which the menu groups appear by clicking and dragging the icon next to the checkbox.

Step 2d:

For the photos, select “Upload Image” to locate the photo(s) saved on your computer and select “Add Image” and you will be able to crop the image to fit the section, then click “Save.” Your photo will then appear on the right hand side. You may add multiple photos if you wish for them to rotate. Select “Save Menu” on the top right.

Step 2 Complete

Once you hit save, you will be re-directed back to the “Menu Designs” page. It is here that you can locate and edit all of the layouts you have created. Select the “home” button on the top left to move on to the 3rd and final step!

Step 3a:

Now that you have entered your menu items and designed your layout, it’s time to preview and publish your menu. Select “Publish Menus” to get started.

Step 3b:

The number of total screens you have will be reflected in this dashboard. Select “Add Menu to Screen,” select the desired layout and then select “Publish.” Repeat this process for each screen.

Step 3c:

After hitting “Publish,” if you get this alert in yellow, it means the WAND Menu Player(s) attached to your screen(s) is not connected to the internet. You can also confirm this by the red “Offline” icon at the top of each menu. Please click here for WiFi troubleshooting.

Step 3 Complete

However, if you get this screen after selecting “Publish,” the WAND Menu Player(s) attached to your screen(s) is connected to WiFi properly. Congratulations, your menu boards will be live within 5-10 minutes!

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