Getting Started

How-To: Connecting your WAND Menu Player(s) to your TV screen(s)

Step 1:

Plug-in the HDMI cable to your WAND Menu Player and to the HDMI port on your TV screen. Each WAND Menu Player is numbered to correspond with the screen numbers in the WAND Menu Management Software. If connecting via Ethernet, plug in the Ethernet cable and skip the remaining steps. 

Step 2:

Connect your wireless mouse and wireless keyboard to your screen by inserting the receivers into the USB ports located on the side of the WAND Menu Player.

Step 3:

When you power on the WAND Menu Player, this image will be displayed on your screen. Simply press “Ctrl + Alt + S” on your keyboard to complete wi-fi setup.

Step 4:

Using your mouse, scroll and select your WiFi network.

Step 5:

Type in your wi-fi network password using your keyboard and hit “Connect.”

Step 6:

If you see this window, your WiFi has been set up properly. Do not type anything into the search box, but instead select “Shut Down” at the bottom left of the screen and restart the device.

Step 7:

Once you restart your device, you should see this screen. This time, simply wait for your digital menu content to appear. Repeat steps 1-7 for each additional screen.

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